What is CBR and the goal to St. Ursula?

St. Ursula Special School is aimed at improving on the lives and well-being of the mentally challenged children through comprehensive programmes that addresses the needs and issues that affect the lives of children with disabilities in the community, with more emphasis to education.  Hence, Community Based Rehabilitation programmes focusing on the children with learning difficulties and other disabilities, family and the entire community.


  • Identification/Assessment of children with various disabilities and causes
  • Sensitization of families and community on issues related with disabilities, their role and the role of St. Ursula Special School as regards rehabilitation of these children.
  • Referrals of children with disabilities for appropriate help.  For example, most of the children we have in the school came as a result of CBR work.
  • Establish the expectations of parents/guardians of the children, from St. Ursula Special School.
  • Home visits to the families of children with disabilities (mentally challenged) to carry out rehabilitation.
  • Follow up and monitoring of the child’s progress.
  • Evaluation of the children, parents/guardians and the community.